Terms and Agreements:

This website is for adults only. I acknowledge that I am over 18 years of age.

I acknowledge that EACH USER IS COMPLETELY AND SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY/ALL INTERACTION WITH OTHER USERS OF THIS SITE. Seeking does not verify the age, identity, marriage status, and/or criminal background for any user. I acknowledge that each user is to use their own judgment when interacting with other users and accept full responsibility for all consequences.

You must be 18 years or older to use Seeking; however, I acknowledge that Seeking cannot guarantee ANY participants are the required age and will use the same judgment when meeting someone via Seeking that I would in any other situation.

I acknowledge that Seeking reserves the right to delete any post that includes anything offensive, illegal, abusive or obscene in any way and without explanation.

By purchasing a seeking bracelet, I confirm I am over 18 years of age, single and that it will be used as it was intended – as a way to show other adults, who are also single and looking for a relationship, that I am single and looking for a relationship. I acknowledge that each wearer is responsible for any/all consequences and should use proper judgment when utilizing the bracelet and interacting with others. I acknowledge that Seeking does not verify the age, identity, marriage status, and/or criminal background for any wearer.

I acknowledge that the bracelets purchase is As-Is. There are no returns or exchanges. The website is free to use; therefore, in purchasing a bracelet, I acknowledge the purchase is solely for the item and not for use of the website.

I acknowledge that Seeking is not responsible for any consequential damages.
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Let others know you are avaliable. Wear a seeking bracelet.

A seeking bracelet is a unique bracelet that not only will allow others to know you are single and looking for a relationship but also gives them a way to contact you if they miss their first opportunity.
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Second Chance Connection.
Need a second chance to connect with a possible relationship? Let them know.

A Seek is a message posted on an online forum. This allows you a second chance to be connected. You can also search for Seeks. Someone could be seeking for you.
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Find your true love. Make a connection.

Meet your true love in a store, at the movies, on the street. Discover they are looking for you on the online forum. Stop waiting. Fall in love.
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